Flowerbed of butterflies

Butterflies are attracted by the smell and colour of plants. In fact, they feed off the nectar of some species particularly colourful and fragrant.To facilitate the permanence of butterflies it is important to create an ideal habitat for larvae and caterpillars.It needs to be placed alongside “host plants" where insects can lay eggs and leaves are available for the caterpillars.It is necessary to provide a space exposed to a lot of sunlight as the butterflies will abandon even their favorite flowers if they bloom in the shade. The butterflies like to have a precise point in the garden suitable for being able to meet, for courtship, it can be a sapling from the compact foliage and glossy, possibly near a white wall and sunny, in a place sheltered from the wind.
It is important that the garden offers a pond or fountain, especially in the warmer periods, from where butterflies can suck water and mineral salts.


Species present in the area:
Scientific name (common name)

  • Buddleia davidii (butterfly Tree)
  • Syringa vulgaris (Lilac)
  • Weigela nana (Weigelia)
  • Ipericum calicinum (Hypericum)
  • Chamaecyparrisus Santolina (Santolina)
  • Ceanothus thyrsiflorus (Ceanoto)
  • Solanum (Solanum)
  • Gazania (Gazania)
  • Antirrhinum majus (Mouth of the Wolf)
  • Hemerocallis (Day Lily)
  • Calycanthus (Calicanto)