Blooming flowerbed

In the blooming flowerbed there are families belonging to the group of Angiosperms, Monocotyledons order.
Angiosperms are those plants with eggs protected by a transformed leaf, called the pistil, and pollen contained in the anthers.The seeds are contained in the fruit. These are herbaceous plants or trees with generally expanded leaves and the wood is heterophile. Pollination can occur through anemophily hydrophilous or zoodogamus with prevalence of the entomophilous type.Fertilization is always double. After successful pollination the pollen grain, fueled by nutritious juices secreted by the stigma, swells and produces a protuberance called the pollen tube.It penetrates the tissues of the stigma and then the stylus to reach the ovary.Meanwhile, the vegetative nucleus is reabsorbed, while the reproductive divides giving rise to two anterozoi.One of these will fertilize the oosphere, the other one the secondary nucleus.
From the first conjugation there will be the embryo, from the other the albumen, which is rich in nutrients, and will constitute a food for it.Embryo and albumen are the basic elements of the seed.Angiosperms are divided into two classes: monocotyledon and dicotyledon.
The Monocotyledon are herbaceous plants, rarely woody, characterized by having a seed in a single cotyledon.The leaves are in the vast majority of cases with a parallel ribbing.
The stem lacks a normal secondary growth in thickness because there is no change and fibro vascular bundles are scattered in the rattan core.There are no ramifications, except in exceptional cases.The flowers have a trimera architecture that is a perianth formed of three pieces or a multiple of three.
Even the stomata and pistils are in total three or six. The roots are of trussed type. The underground part of the plant is very often well-developed, being provided by rhizomes or bulbs.


Species present in the area:
Scientific name (common name)

  • Papirus (Papyrus)
  • Lilium (Lily)
  • Iris germanica (Iris)
  • Siberica Iris (Iris)
  • East Iris (Iris)
  • Muscari arm (Pan cucco)
  • Tulipa (Tulip)
  • Narcissus (Narcissus)
  • Chamaerops humilis (dwarf palm)