Experimental Meteorology Classroom

The Experimental Meteorology Classroom is available to schools and the general public to know and understand atmospheric phenomena and the physical laws that govern them. It Students can learn through the reading of data collected by the network of weather stations in the area, of which the Experimental Sciences Laboratory can use, in partnership with Umbria Meteo, and through practical laboratory experiences using the main tools of investigation.

The Meteorological Experimental Classroom is also a reference point for local authorities and schools of all levels, for the research and the dissemination of meteorology and climatology.
Meteorological Experimental Classroom gives a public utility service, characterised by absolute scientific rigor, consisting of activities to collect, process and disseminate daily weather data at a local level.

The collecting and processing data centre monitors the climate and environmental trend of the Valle Umbra Sud and Valnerina areas and provides the municipalities of the area with support and an instrument for control and planning.
The educational activities also use images and meteorological data from the Meteosat 9 satellite, that the Experimental Science Laboratory receives on a daily basis from the Air Force, according to a specific agreement.

The design of the Meteorological Experimental Classroom is the result of a long collaboration between the Laboratory of Experimental Science and Umbriameteo, supported and encouraged by the contribution of experience and scientific knowledge repeatedly assured by Lt Col. Massimo Morico, Lt. Col. Fabio Malaspina and Maj. Alexander Fuccello of Italian Air Force.


The Meteorological Experimental Classroom is placed in a 30 m2 room
It is equipped with the following instruments:

Simple Mercury: 25
Alcohol: 25
Sling: 15


Manual: 3
Windsock: 1

BarometersTorricelli: 2
Aneroid: 5
Barograph: 2


Stylus: 1
Digital: 1
Hair: 25
Analog: 1
Wall: 2

Rain gauges
according to Helmann: 2
Tipping bucket with heater: 1
Sunshine recorder: 1

Stevenson screen: 1
Compass: 1
Electronic Weather Station: 3
Outside meteorograph: 1
Weather Camera: 2
Computer: 11
Plasma screen TV: 1