Rock garden

The Rock Garden offers to those who do not have much space the opportunity to cultivate a certain amount of dwarf plants.To make a "mini-rock garden" very little space is enough. It rather requires imagination to get a little gem, driveways, mounds, small slopes and even a small stream. A rock garden can recreate a mountain environment, where slopes and stones are alternated without a specific order or fixed rules.Plants adapted to colonize this environment must be able to live and thrive in rocky and uneven terrain. In nature, these species are accustomed to bear extreme conditions, their strength can also allow them to live on arid land or to be beaten by strong winds lands.The choice of the rocks is very important: they must not be smooth, they must be shaped from the elements, possibly with many cracks, cavities and niches. Stones should be positioned so that resemble to a high altitude mountain. Plants that are accustomed to rocky terrain should be chosen as well as a variety of species when selecting plants.
It is good idea to alternate erect plants with bow plants or rosette plants in order to have the best decorative effect, the erected plants, like conifers or shrubs should be planted at the base of the rocks.The "bow" plants should instead be planted on top of the rocks so that they will grow downwards, the rosette plants are, preferably, arranged in vertical slits while carefully introducing, first, the sod with roots in the slot, then compressing the underlying soil and finally, filling from the top the empty spaces with earth and rubble.