The challenge of teaching and learning Sciences with inquiry in Italy

Monday, October 22, 2018
The Experimental Sciences Laboratory of Foligno becomes a center of the Abbe site italy and of the Inquiry Based Science Education center in Umbria. For two years now ANISN, National Association of Natural Sciences Teachers, is trying to build in Umbria a community of science teaching practices according to the IBSE methodology, first with the UNESCO Ark of Inquiry Project, then with the Amgen Teach project. In other regions they have been working in this field since 2010, and have produced some beautiful works, which will soon be published on the Association's newsletter. Now there are 10 IBSE poles of the Aisn extended throughout the country, and from this year there is also Umbria! For these activities we have a collaboration with the Science Laboratory Experimental of Foligno, which will be a partner for all the projects below, and of course all courses will take place at the Experimental Science Laboratory.

Inauguration Friday 9 November at 15.00

Greetings to those present

Intervention: Pierluigi Mingarelli

15.45 Conference of Prof. Silvano Tagliagambre: What is life in the light of quantum mechanics and the theory of complex systems

16.30 Anna Pascucci
The Amgen biotech experience in Italy in the panorama of the ANISN's commitment to teacher training on the IBSE

17.00 Luigina Renzi
The IBIS ANISN Center of Umbria