Swamp is an area of land covered or saturated with water due to insufficient drainage conditions.The typical vegetation of the swamp is made up of reeds, rushes, sedges and rare trees that can tolerate a soil saturated in water. In it we distinguish hydrophytes plants that live inside the water, helophytes plants, who live in humid places almost permanently flooded.The swamps can be freshwater or saltwater. The freshwater swamps develop along the shores of lakes and rivers by the slow stream and are formed when ponds and lakes are filled with sediment, the saltwater swamps develop in the plains by coastal tides.The vegetation and living organisms in a swamp are strongly influenced by the relationship with the surrounding ecosystems, that affect the influx of nutrients, the movement of water and the type and deposition of sediments.The swamps have little economic benefit to humans, however they have rather a lot of importance to the ecology.