Forgotten plants

Some fruits trees are considered "forgotten plants", they remain at the fringes of the market for several reasons: small fruit, hard to sell, perishable, with a particular flavor.In reality, they are often very strong plants, resistant to disease, with fruits
rich in flavor.
Their memory is often linked to experiences of our childhood in the countryside.Today a child is probably able to list only some of the most common fruits: apple, pear, cherry, plum, apricot and a few others.
There are associations that for years have been engaged in research, recovery, preservation and dissemination of the varieties of old fruit, curious or forgotten, from those grown from the early nineteenth century.
A wide variety of plants allows a diversification of colours, flavors, strengths and nutritional contents with great benefit to the community and for each individual.


Species present in the area:
Scientific name (common name)

  • Morus nigra (black mulberry)
  • Sorbus domestica (domestic Sorbo)
  • Sorbus aria (Sorbo mountain)
  • Corylus avellana (Common Hazel)
  • Eleagnus angustifolia (Olivagno)
  • Cornus sanguinea (Dogwood)
  • Cornus mas (Cornelian cherry male)